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Yacht Managers

Ward’s: For Managers

You and Ward’s share something in common — yachts are your livelihood. You depend on your charters and need your fleet in peak condition. With 70 years of experience providing the highest level of service to the industry, we know how important it is to you that your contractors work efficiently and how critical it is that charters start on time. Ward’s is the best at keeping charter fleets out on the water and earning money.

What we do

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Emergencies, appointments, refits, and repairs.

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Electrical, corrosion, forensic, and transactional.

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Design, AutoCAD, software, and quality control.

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Switchgear, cables, panels, and engraving.

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Sales & Rentals

15,000 parts, a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, and worldwide shipping.

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